5 Reasons Why Co-working is Better than WFH

5 Reasons Why Co-working is Better than WFH


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Working from the comfort of your own home can sound really appealing, making you feel like you're in a perfect and peaceful situation. Picture yourself free from the daily commute, lounging on your sofa or reclining on your bed while accomplishing your tasks. It sounds like a perfect scenario, doesn't it? However, the reality can be far from ideal, as the alluring facade of remote work gives way to a host of challenges. Distractions lurk at every corner, isolation seeps in, and procrastination looms large. But fear not, for there exists a remedy to alleviate these burdensome burdens - the world of co-working spaces.

Read on to find out the 5 compelling reasons why you should seriously contemplate embracing the co-working lifestyle instead of working from home.

1. Increase in Productivity to Boost Your Work Performance

Rise and shine! Getting out of bed can be quite a challenge for all of us, particularly when we hold our precious sleep dear. Nevertheless, imagine a unique co-working space meticulously crafted to foster an ideal work environment—a place that ignites your motivation to step out of the comforting embrace of your bed each morning and dive headfirst into work.

Moreover, within this bustling social atmosphere, you'll find yourself enveloped by a community of devoted professionals, making it effortlessly easier for you to maintain unwavering focus and productivity. As an added perk, many of these spaces offer delightful coffee and tea bars, catering to your caffeine cravings, alongside a plethora of well-equipped amenities, including reliable internet connections.

2. Flexibility is the New Normal

Working from the comfort of our own homes undeniably provides an unmatched level of flexibility when it comes to work arrangements. However, in the realm of the ever-evolving hybrid work trend, co-working spaces have emerged as an appealing option, allowing individuals to seamlessly shift between traditional office spaces and remote work settings.

This hybrid model, in conjunction with the convenience and advantages offered by co-working spaces, creates a remarkable equilibrium between the structured ambiance of a traditional office and the cozy familiarity of working from home. It effectively addresses the challenge of isolation often associated with remote work, fostering a sense of connection and collaboration among professionals.

3. Expanding Your Network for Broader Connections

When working remotely from the comfort of our homes, it's undeniable that we often face limitations in terms of meaningful interactions and expanding our professional networks.

In contrast, co-working spaces attract diverse professionals from various industries, fostering networking among like-minded individuals. By immersing oneself in this collaborative environment, valuable networking activities can flourish. These spaces provide a chance to interact with professionals from different backgrounds, industries, and expertise, breaking free from the confines of working from home.

4. Helps Improve Your Mental & Physical Health

Working from home can inadvertently lead to the formation of unhealthy habits, such as lounging on the bed or sofa, and succumbing to frequent snacking due to the constant accessibility of the kitchen. These habits can negatively impact posture and overall well-being.

On the other hand, co-working spaces provide a solution by offering a range of health benefits that go beyond the typical advantages of a shared workspace. These spaces actively encourage movement, promote mindful eating practices, and prioritise better posture. By immersing oneself in such an environment, professionals can experience improved physical well-being and increased productivity. Co-working spaces become havens that foster a holistic approach to work, supporting professionals in maintaining healthier habits and enhancing their overall quality of life.

5. Convenience & Accessibility

The primary motivation behind remote work is to eliminate the daily commute. Consider the inconvenience of travelling from one end of the city to the other simply to reach your office. That's where the brilliance of Staytion Spaces shines through. Strategically situated within MRT stations, these coworking havens provide a seamless solution, eliminating the need to travel long distances for work.

With Staytion Spaces, your workplace is thoughtfully positioned in close proximity to major transportation hubs, ensuring that you can effortlessly embark on your professional journey. No longer burdened by lengthy commutes, you can focus on what truly matters—diving into your tasks and achieving your goals. Experience the unparalleled convenience of having a dedicated workspace right at within MRT Stations, offering unparalleled accessibility and enhancing your overall work-life balance.

Staytion Spaces are conveniently located at**:**

  • Marsiling MRT Station, #02-01

  • Woodlands MRT Station (TE2), #B1-11

  • Paya Lebar MRT Station, #B1-03

  • Staytion Lifestyle @ Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station

Staytion Spaces Membership Options

Don’t forget to check out our membership options which will get you exclusive access to all Staytion Spaces:

  • Lite+ Pass (S$49): Eight full-day visits to all locations and coworking outlets, one hour in the meeting room, unlimited drinks and a 10% f&b discount

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The surging popularity of coworking spaces is a testament to their undeniable advantages over working from home. These spaces offer a multitude of benefits that cannot be overlooked, ranging from breaking detrimental habits to boosting productivity and combating feelings of isolation. Embrace the opportunity to create a refreshing change in your work environment by exploring coworking spaces near you.