Member of the Month - Meet Deepak Goel, Founder of Fractional Services

Member of the Month - Meet Deepak Goel, Founder of Fractional Services


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Find out more about Fractional Services with an insightful introduction, accompanied by an exclusive testimonial from Mr. Deepak Goel, Founder of Fractional Services, as he shares his firsthand experience with Staytion’s Global Membership Pass. Discover the key insights and benefits that make fractional services a game-changer in today's dynamic business landscape.

About Fractional Services and Mr Deepak Goel

Tell us more about yourself and your company, Fractional Services?

I launched Fractional Services as an independent entrepreneur in June 2023, focusing on providing CTO services to Start-ups, Scale-ups and SME. The role of a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) encompasses leading business strategy, leading technology front that aligns with the company's objectives, particularly in product development, and advising on the selection of technology stacks by optimising on the ROI and automation strategies. At Fractional services, I specialise as fractional CTO. The concept of a fractional CTO, while commonplace in the US and Europe, is fairly novel in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region.

What role does a fractional CTO play?

Here is the problem:

An experienced full-time CTO can come at a cost that is exorbitantly high for SMEs and startups. Initially, these businesses may not require a full-time CTO, and even if they do, they often cannot afford one. This can lead to subpar product quality and inadequate leadership, which can be harmful to the business.

Here is the solution:

Fractional CTOs step in to provide the necessary leadership, industry-specific expertise, and technological experience to startups by dedicating only a portion of their time. This approach significantly reduces costs for the businesses while still providing access to the same caliber of leadership and experience.

What inspired you to start your company and has that initial vision evolved over time? I would say there is a feeling of inspiration and frustration as well. I have been in the technology field for the last 17 years. I started my career in Singapore in government projects. I moved to work in start-up companies and then, moved to MNCs and major banks. So working in a start-up has been very challenging but rewarding as you have the opportunity to learn a lot. You get to work with people who want to achieve something, with a common goal regardless of what you’re doing. It is a collective team effort in a start-up. When you are stuck, you help each other and get an opportunity to work on multiple things.

The frustration when I moved to big MNCs was that the scope of work was very limited. Your learning opportunities slow down. You kind of start unlearning and get more into the politics and processes. I’m not denying that processes and politics should not be there. But eventually, I’m more of a technical person which is why I felt I did not fit in that environment.

I was at the peak of my career at that point of time when I left my previous job as a Senior Vice President in a bank. While I was in the bank, I was asking myself “What do I want to do? Do I want to go to another job or do I want to start something?” So I came to know about this CTO concept and I began to spend some time understanding what this role is. I spent another month conducting an analysis. “Is this something I can do? Should I be doing it?” I started following a couple of people on linked-In, Slack. I started connecting to different communities in Europe and have also met some people in Singapore as well. I found around 8 to 10 CxOs in Singapore, they were into various roles such as fractional CTO, CFO and CHrO, CSO etc.

So it’s an entirely different world, and I believe this is going to be the future of work for people who love complexity, to work on different domains and different technologies, having flexibility and their own terms to work.

What is the most interesting or unusual skill you’ve acquired while building your tech company?

To be honest, I’m still acquiring. Being completely in technology only is not enough to succeed in a business. You need a lot of experience such as networking with people. Networking is key to creating awareness about the company.

To create awareness, you have to start meeting people, posting on LinkedIn regularly to brand yourself. I have never done branding and marketing. So now, I’m learning all the skills and it is a rollercoaster of a journey.

I am learning how to optimise search processes. Questions people ask me frequently are,

“How do you target people?”,

“What kind of people do you want to meet?”,

“What kind of message do you want to send out?”,

“But when you meet people, you spend just 2 or 3 minutes in any session to get their real attention, what kind of impact that does bring?”. So it’s important to enhance your skills whether networking or marketing skills.

Experience at Staytion

What sparked your enthusiasm to grab the Global Membership Pass? Was there a particular factor that sealed the deal?

As a part of networking event, I met one of the Head of Tech Yoeven from Staytion. He told me about the spaces at Staytion and its affordable offering. At the same time I was exploring the co-working spaces but was swayed away because of high cost. But, I signed up immediately when I had an amazing deal from Staytion. Thanks to Jane.

There were a couple of factors.

  1. Need for a productive work environment

I had liberty to work from home for the last 10+ years, but going to the office was actually more productive as it allowed me to be more focused during the office hours. When I left my job, I had to work from home since 2023 and I felt very unproductive and lazy. When I came to know about Staytion, I felt working in an coworking spaces allowed me to focus on work.

  1. Convenience

One of the biggest challenges I have been facing was meeting clients. My time was usually very limited. Before renting a coworking space, I had to rush from home to meet any client or prospect around 10am and rush back home to my desk to do my existing clients work. So, for an hour of meeting, I had to spent 2 to 3 hours travelling back and forth.

With Staytion’s Global Pass, I have access to coworking spaces for my meeting across multiple locations in Singapore. This plan gave me the flexibility to plan my day to location close to my meeting. I met my clients and was back to my desk in another 10 to 15 minutes.

  1. Saving costs

Staytion’s plans are one of the cheapest plans among other coworking space options. The Staytion Global Membership pass has been very useful for me.

Check out Staytion's pricing plans here:

How has the dynamic world of co-working spaces at Staytion shaped your workspace experience?

The experience has been good to be honest. I’m able to try out multiple coworking spaces – sometimes it’s a sea View, another day is in CBD, even I had worked literally from bar (co-working space at day time but bar at night) and sometime underground MRT. Having a dynamic office desk swings my mood and it allows me to be much more productive.

Working from home is a different story. I am not focused at home. I work long hours in a relaxed mode. The work can be completed in 6 hours, but is completed in 10 hours instead when at home. At home, I also feel very monotonous and mundane as I’m stuck in a room in the house which does not feel like an office as I’m not able to meet people. Indeed, it is relaxing at home and I can take a nap when I’m tired but working in a coworking space allows me to focus.

If you had to showcase the shining star among our space perks, which one would steal the spotlight?

  1. Amenities and Environment

I enjoy a couple of coffees a day. Having access to unlimited coffees, snacks, stable internet connectivity is great. In comparison, Starbucks is very noisy. Staytion provides a quiet environment within the coworking spaces even though there are other people.

  1. Networking Opportunities

When I go to different places each day, I can mingle with new people, especially with founders and investors. This helps me in growing my business.

Mr Deepak’s Work Style

How would you describe your desk set-up?

I would prefer to have a clean desk and I’m a minimalist. I would say I need the bare minimum things like paper, pen, charging points to charge my laptop and handphone, and some space on the desk to write when I’m on a call.

What’s your go-to snack when you need a boost of inspiration?

I’m honestly trying to cut down on coffee. I’m also trying to lose some weight, so I am doing some diet control. I’m eating fruits and grams throughout the day. I enjoy the cheese cookies at Staytion the most.

Do you listen to music when doing work in our co-working spaces?

Most of the time, I’m on a call for 5 to 6 hours a day. So, I rest my ears by taking out my earphones for certain periods of the day. I’m not really a music person. The only time I listen to music is for 15 to 20 minutes a day when I’m travelling in the morning to the co-working space.

If you could share one piece of unconventional wisdom or a quirky anecdote from your journey as a tech company founder, what would it be?

Being technical is not enough. You will need networking, marketing and branding skills. Even better, you can have people who can guide you through this journey. Most importantly, even if you network with different people, it’s important to keep in constant touch. Those are the most critical things I would advise on. I would also suggest spending cost on hiring people up-work on who can help you do the lead generation, perhaps marketing officers.

They should know and study your business, know technology and the market. If you are able to find the right people who can market you into the domains, then you are on the right path. These are the lessons I have learned through my journey.

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