Top Places to Cowork & Work in Kuala Lumpur

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Top Places to Cowork & Work in Kuala Lumpur


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In a recent article by Employment Hero, the top 5 coworking and office spaces in Kuala Lumpur have been unveiled, serving as the ultimate guide for professionals seeking the perfect work environment.

We are proud that 10 of these top-rated locations are Staytion's partner spaces, offering a unique and diverse range of spaces for our members. This article delves into the reasons why these locations have earned their spots in the top 10 coworking spaces in Kuala Lumpur.

With our Global Day Pass, you can gain access to all these seven locations on a single platform whenever you're in Kuala Lumpur. Discover the convenience and flexibility that Staytion offers.

  1. Colony

Colony prides itself on its fusion of productivity and elegance — a sentiment readily apparent to any visitor to their various locales. With four strategically situated branches in Kuala Lumpur's most esteemed districts, the options are abundant. Each venue boasts its own distinct design flair and atmosphere: from the chic and eclectic Wes Anderson ambiance of Mutiara Damansara, to the British colonial-inspired aesthetic of Eco City, and the New York Tribeca vibe of Star Boulevard KLCC.

If you're tasked with selecting just one venue for your work, Colony @ Star Boulevard KLCC stands out as the ultimate choice. This flagship location offers awe-inspiring floor-to-ceiling views, alongside a lavish rooftop garden where patrons can marvel at the iconic Petronas Twin Towers.

Beyond the standard amenities typical of coworking spaces, Colony @ Star Boulevard KLCC also features an array of exceptional offerings. An in-house cafe, nap rooms, massage facilities, a rooftop swimming pool (additional fees may apply), and even children's play areas cater to the needs of working parents, ensuring undivided attention to tasks without concern for their little ones.

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  1. Co-Labs Coworking

Co-labs Coworking operates across Malaysia, boasting five locations, with four situated in Selangor and one in Kuala Lumpur, specifically at Naza Tower. At Co-labs, you'll discover an extensive array of amenities to support your work needs. From flexible desks, meeting rooms, and phone booths to breakout areas and event halls, every requirement is catered for. Additionally, the desks are equipped with USB ports and universal port adaptors for added convenience.

Should you require a break from meetings and tasks, Co-labs offers a recreational lounge where you can enjoy a quick session on the arcade machine or unwind in the Nap Pods for a rejuvenating rest. For those feeling peckish, the Snack Lab corner provides delicious munchies, while the in-house cafe offers a perfect solution for a caffeine boost.

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  1. Common Ground

Common Ground boasts an impressive presence with locations spread across Kuala Lumpur: Damansara Heights, Citta Mall, Mont Kiara, KL Eco City, Bangsar South, KL Sentral, Bandar Utama, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya and Bukit Bintang and more. Each venue exudes a perfect blend of sophistication and comfort, featuring abundant natural light streaming through expansive floor-to-ceiling windows. Furthermore, their accessibility via public transportation adds to their convenience.

Whether you seek a hot desk, fixed desk, private office, or virtual office solutions, Common Ground has you covered. Enjoy complimentary coffee, tea, or water from their in-house cafe, and avail yourself of business-class amenities such as printers, copiers, and scanners as needed.

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  1. WORQ Coworking

WORQ Coworking stands out not only for its clever name but also for its four remarkable locations in Kuala Lumpur, each showcasing its distinct design.

What sets WORQ apart is its commitment to sustainability, evident through its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Green Building Index (GBI) certifications. This ensures that you're working in an eco-friendly environment. Additionally, WORQ spaces feature game rooms and nap areas, providing opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation, complemented by the helpful and accommodating staff always at your service.

Moreover, WORQ holds the prestigious Malaysia Digital Hub status, entitling companies within its premises to various benefits including corporate tax exemptions and access to the Malaysia Tech Entrepreneurs Program (MTEP), among others. For aspiring entrepreneurs, WORQ proves to be an ideal destination.

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  1. Komune Coworking

The ambiance within Komune Coworking evokes the serene atmosphere reminiscent of a Muji store, characterized by its clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and warm lighting accentuating the natural wood tones. With three conveniently situated locations across Kuala Lumpur—two in Bangsar South and one at KLCC—Komune offers both accessibility and convenience.

For those who appreciate rejuvenating breaks amidst work sessions, Komune at The Vertical presents an enticing option, featuring a luxurious game arcade and an inviting in-house cafe. Additionally, numerous "Komune-ity" sessions, including yoga classes and wellness talks, offer opportunities for holistic well-being.

Alternatively, if you seek both workspace and accommodation, Komune Living at Bangsar South provides a range of private studios and apartment-style rooms. Make the most of the community facilities before transitioning seamlessly to the coworking space located on the building's second level.

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In conclusion, Kuala Lumpur offers a rich tapestry of coworking spaces that cater to a diverse range of needs and preferences. From the elegant and productive environments of Colony to the innovative and community-focused settings of Komune Coworking, each space has its unique offerings that make working in Kuala Lumpur an exceptional experience. Whether you're a digital nomad, startup, or established business, the city's coworking spaces provide not just desks and Wi-Fi, but communities and resources that can help propel your work to new heights. With Staytion's Global Day Pass, accessing these top-rated locations becomes effortless, allowing you to explore and settle into your ideal work environment with unparalleled ease.

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