How Staytion Created a One-Stop Platform for Work and Lifestyle Needs

How Staytion Created a One-Stop Platform for Work and Lifestyle Needs


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Hey there, tech innovator and productivity maximizer. Ever wish you had a single app to handle all your work and lifestyle needs in one place? Well, your wish has been granted. Staytion is an all-in-one solution for the way we live and work today. This award-winning proptech startup has created a personalized dashboard to access everything from your calendar and to-do list to your streaming music, smart home controls, and food delivery options. Staytion uses Al to learn your preferences and routines, serving up exactly what you need exactly when you need it. Talk about productivity heaven. If you're ready to reclaim your time and mental space, Staytion is about to become your new best friend. The future of seamless living is here - are you ready to experience it? Staytion sure hopes so. Your all-in-one lifestyle and work companion awaits.

The Fragmented PropTech Market Before Staytion

Before Staytion came onto the scene, the PropTech market in Southeast Asia was fragmented and inefficient. Trying to find flexible work and lifestyle spaces meant dealing with multiple platforms, tons of paperwork, and a frustrating lack of options.

A Disjointed User Experience

As an individual looking for a coworking space or as a business seeking an office rental, you probably had to search various websites and property portals, fill out endless forms, and coordinate with different space owners just to compare options. It was time- consuming and confusing.

Staytion changed all that by aggregating thousands of spaces across six countries onto a single, user-friendly platform. Now you can browse, book, and pay for work and lifestyle spaces - like coworking offices, meeting rooms, event spaces, retail pop-ups and more - all in one place.

A Plethora of Possibilities

Staytion's one-stop platform offers an array of choices to suit your needs. Looking for a stylish coworking club for networking? We've got it. Need a full-service office for your startup's new HQ? Covered. Want an intimate space for a product launch event? Check. How about a retail kiosk to test your latest invention? We have options for that too.

A Seamless Experience

Staytion provides a seamless end-to-end experience. Browse available spaces on our website or mobile app, reserve and pay for the space that fits your needs, then access your booking details and the space itself directly through our platform. No more dealing with multiple space owners or paying additional platform fees.

With Staytion, finding and accessing work and lifestyle spaces has never been simpler, faster or more rewarding. Our one-stop platform is transforming the way people live, work and do business across Southeast Asia.

Staytion's Vision: A One-Stop Global Platform

Staytion was founded with a vision to build a comprehensive one-stop platform for flexible work and lifestyle solutions on a global scale. We aimed to provide easy access to a variety of spaces for both businesses and individuals.

Through unwavering determination and commitment to excellence, Staytion has rapidly expanded into six countries, offering an impressive network of 2,500 listings across 1,000 locations used by over 1.3 million members. We strive to connect people to spaces and communities to businesses, empowering individuals and companies alike.

Staytion's innovation lies in its ability to seamlessly provide real-time access to a wide range of spaces for work and leisure activities. This gives users a level of flexibility and convenience that revolutionizes traditional boundaries and redefines how people access workspaces.

  • Our platform simplifies the process of finding and booking work or meeting spaces, coworking desks, business lounges or event venues.

  • We offer a suite of corporate services to support companies, from company incorporation to accounting and compliance.

  • Staytion received four major awards in 2023 recognizing our CEO's leadership, contributions to female entrepreneurship and excellence in real estate.

At Staytion, we aim to be more than just a platform. We want to enable new ways of living and working that empower people and bring communities together. Our vision is for Staytion to become a global passport to on-demand spaces, facilitating connections between people and places around the world.

Through partnership with space owners and operators across the globe, Staytion will continue to enhance our offerings and expand into new locations. Imagine accessing a variety of spaces for work or leisure in any city, all through one dynamic platform. The future of flexible and innovative work solutions is here, and Staytion is leading the way.

Key Innovations and Services Powering Staytion's Success

Staytion's meteoric rise to the forefront of the PropTech industry can be attributed to three key innovations:

A Comprehensive yet Curated Space Aggregator Platform

Staytion's platform seamlessly aggregates and provides real-time access to an extensive range of spaces to suit both work and lifestyle needs. From coworking spaces and private offices to retail spaces and event venues, Staytion offers a plethora of options spanning six countries and 1,000 locations. Yet, Staytion curates only the highest quality spaces that meet their exacting standards, ensuring an exceptional user experience.

A One-Stop Shop for Corporate Services

Staytion provides a comprehensive suite of corporate services essential for any business. From company incorporation and accounting to compliance and offshore expansion support, Staytion handles it all. By simplifying critical business functions and eliminating the hassle of liaising with multiple vendors, Staytion allows companies to focus on growth.

Awards and Recognition for Staytion's Best PropTech Innovation

Staytion has proudly clinched four major awards, solidifying our position as a trailblazer in the realm of on-demand spaces. Theprestigious CEO Insights Asia Top 10 Women Founded Companies Singapore 2023 award is a testament to our CEO's visionary leadership and the indomitable spirit of our female-founded company. Additionally, the Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award 2023 recognizes the outstanding contributions of Staytion to the entrepreneurial landscape.

Real Estate Asia Awards

At the Real Estate Asia Awards 2023, Staytion Spaces was honored with the Flexible Workspace Initiative of the Year award in Singapore, underscoring our commitment to innovation and adaptability in the ever-evolving real estate market. This recognition is further bolstered by the National Business Awards 2023, a testament to Staytion's prowess as a business that excels on the national stage.

A Pioneer in PropTech

Behind Staytion's meteoric rise and transformative potential lies the complex backdrop of the Southeast Asian PropTech market. A market teeming with promise, yet plagued by fragmentation, Staytion's early days bore witness to the formidable challenges of convincing space owners to embrace and integrate their services into this groundbreaking platform. This formidable task necessitated unwavering commitment, resilience, and an indomitable spirit that propelled Staytion to surmount these initial obstacles and establish itself as a pioneering force in the PropTech arena.

Fuelling our ambition, we are not merely aiming for the stars; we are dedicating our heart and soul to providing our users with a global passport. Charging forward with unwavering determination, Staytion is on a mission to forge alliances with even more space partners. Envision a world where our platform offers a plethora of facilities and options, spanning from the lively streets of Asia to the quaint corners of Europe. Staytion serves as your passport to on-demand spaces, all seamlessly integrated into one dynamic platform.

As we continue our journey, Staytion remains at the forefront of shaping the future of flexible and innovative work and lifestyle solutions on a global scale.

The Future of Work and Lifestyle With Staytion

As Staytion continues its meteoric rise, the future looks bright. This pioneering PropTech startup is poised to transform the way we work and live.

The Future of Work

In the coming years, Staytion will further expand its global network of work and lifestyle spaces. Imagine accessing a range of office spaces, co-working spots, meeting rooms, and more at the touch of a button, no matter where you are in the world. Staytion is forging alliances to offer facilities in an increasing number of locations across the globe.

Whether you're a digital nomad, startup, or large corporation, Staytion provides a passport to flexible work solutions tailored to your needs. As more companies embrace remote and hybrid work models, Staytion offers an unparalleled platform to empower the future of work.

The Future of Lifestyle

Beyond work, Staytion is cultivating a vibrant community and marketplace for lifestyle. Our platform already offers everything from event spaces and photography studios to dance and yoga studios. In the years to come, expect to see growth in leisure, hobby, and recreational spaces as Staytion becomes a catalyst for connection.

At Staytion, we believe that work and lifestyle should be seamlessly integrated. Our platform is designed to enhance both personal and professional well-being through access to inspiring spaces and communities. The future is flexible, and Staytion is leading the way.

Powered by partnerships with space owners around the world, Staytion makes it possible to work, learn, connect and thrive whenever and wherever you choose. Our one-stop aggregator platform is shaping the future of work and lifestyle in the 21st century. The possibilities are endless. What will you discover next? The future starts here at Staytion.


At the end of the day, Staytion has created something truly game-changing. They've built a platform to connect people and spaces in a way that enhances productivity, sparks new ideas, and enables new lifestyle choices. You now have access to beautiful, design- forward spaces for work, living, and everything in between. No more long commutes or cramped coffee shops. Staytion is transforming how we view community and redefining how we can come together. The future of living and working is here - and Staytion is leading the way. Log on, sign up, and start experiencing the Staytion life. You'll be glad you did.