How Staytion Transformed My Productivity: John Lim, Founder of

How Staytion Transformed My Productivity: John Lim, Founder of


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We've all experienced those moments when distractions at home hinder our productivity. Whether it's forgetting to thaw the meat for lunch or constantly searching for snacks during work sessions, working from home can be challenging. As a freelancer, solopreneur, or business owner, these distractions can significantly impact your efficiency.

In this blog post, I want to share my honest opinion on how Staytion, a coworking space, has helped me skyrocket my productivity.

Improving Structure

As the owner of an advertising agency focused on generating high-converting leads efficiently, our revenue was modest at $27,000 for 2022. Despite our limited budget, we made the choice to invest in a coworking space. Why? Let me explain why you should consider it too.

Being accountable only to yourself as a business owner, freelancer, or solopreneur means there's no one to stop you from indulging in distractions. Without structure, you risk losing focus and money. Unlike employees who are paid for showing up and putting in their hours, you won't be compensated for merely opening your laptop at home and streaming Netflix. Establishing a structured routine is crucial, especially when starting out. Leaving work to chance while working from home often leads to a lack of productivity. On the other hand, stepping out of your home and entering a coworking space puts you in the mindset of work and primes you to put in the necessary effort.

Eliminating Disruptions

Working from a coworking space like Staytion helps you avoid the distractions present at home. There's no laundry to be done, no meals to cook, and no household chores to distract you. While studies may show that remote work can increase productivity for traditional employees, as a business owner, the discipline of leaving home and working in a dedicated space can be more effective for driving your business forward. It enables you to differentiate clearly between work time and personal time, avoiding the blurred lines that often occur when working from home.

Harnessing Creativity and Boosting Profits

Some may argue that having a designated workspace stifles creativity and that true artists can work from anywhere. However, as creatives, we can learn from David Brooks, who wrote, "(Great creative minds) think like artists but work like accountants." Having a structured routine actually supercharges creativity instead of hindering it. Personally, I experienced this when I committed to writing every day, even if inspiration didn't strike. The consistent structure led to the creation of four books in just three years.

Everyday Growth and Results

Choosing to work at Staytion every day, knowing that I'm investing in it, has motivated me to work harder compared to staying at home and waiting for work to come to me. It's similar to working out—while you can exercise at home, going to the gym creates a more focused environment. Staytion provides the same effect, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your work without the distractions present in your home environment.

The Choice is Yours

I encourage you to give Staytion a try and experience the significant impact it can have on your business's growth and your personal productivity.

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