Meeting Spaces in Jakarta for Digital and Tech Companies


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In a bustling tech hub like Jakarta, meeting rooms play a vital role in fostering innovation and collaboration. As one of the most innovative cities in Indonesia, Jakarta is a melting pot of industry giants and burgeoning startups.

Global giants such as Gojek, Tokopedia, and Traveloka have established their presence here, alongside a thriving ecosystem of tech startups and scaleups, collectively employing a significant portion of the city's workforce. In fact, a remarkable 40% of high-growth businesses in Jakarta are part of the tech sector. Notably, Jakarta boasts several unicorns, including Gojek and Tokopedia, valued at over $1 billion each.

This article delves into some of the top choices for meeting rooms in Jakarta's vibrant tech landscape.

Overview of Meeting Spaces in Jakarta

What are the rental rates for meeting spaces in Jakarta?

At Staytion, booking a meeting room in Jakarta starts at just 250,000 Indonesian Rupiahs per hour. Whether you need it for an hour or the whole day, our meeting rooms are available for flexible bookings. Count on our team to tailor the space to your exact needs.


Staytion's Jakarta meeting room venues comes complete with all the amenities and services you require, including:

  • Coffee machine and water dispenser

  • Printer

  • Professional reception team to assist guests

  • Enhanced internet connectivity

  • Air conditioning

Here in Staytion, we recognize that everyone has unique requirements. Feel free to reach out to our experienced in-house support team if you have any additional needs!

Contact us now via email ator phone us at**+65 8807 4208!

Top 5 Meeting Spaces in Jakarta

1. vOffice @ Kirana Two Tower

vOffice is the leading premium workplace in Indonesia, focusing on providing Premium workspace and One-Stop Business solutions to businesses of all sizes with their office needs. Ther business centers also empower client’s businesses to be conducted in a sustainable, efficient and productive office environment.

Meeting rooms and conference rooms available:

  1. Meeting Room 1: Accommodates up to 8pax, 14sqm

  2. Meeting Room 2: Accommodates up to 12pax, 18sqm

  3. Conference room: Accommodates up to 20pax, 33sqm

2. vOffice @ The CEO Building

As the premier choice for premium workspace rentals in Jakarta, the vOffice branch situated in The CEO Building stands out as one of the top meeting room rental destinations in the city.

Meeting rooms and conference rooms available:

  1. Meeting Room 1: Accommodates up to 6pax, 15sqm

  2. Meeting Room 2: Accommodates up to 10pax, 24sqm

  3. Conference room: Accommodates up to 16pax, 40sqm

3. The Executive Centre @ One Pacific Place

Nestled in the vibrant Sudirman Central Business District, The Executive Centre at One Pacific Place offers direct public train (MRT) access, making it a prime location for multinational corporations and innovative enterprises alike. Surrounding the area are renowned award-winning restaurants, trendy cafes, cozy bars, and retail outlets, adding to the allure of this dynamic business hub.

Meeting, Conference and Board rooms available:

  1. Meeting Room: Accommodates up to 4pax

  2. Conference room: Accommodates up to 6pax

  3. Board room: Accommodates up to 12pax

4. CEO SUITE @ AXA Tower

Situated within the acclaimed Kuningan City mega-development masterminded by DP Architects, the AXA Tower reigns supreme in Jakarta's bustling Golden Triangle. Boasting sweeping vistas of the city and seamless connectivity to commercial and entertainment districts, the complex hosts upscale retail outlets, diverse dining options, residential spaces, and a fitness center. Perched atop the tower's 45th floor, CEO SUITE serves as a premier destination, offering a centralized haven for business and leisure pursuits for entrepreneurs and corporations alike.


Proudly located in the center of Jakarta’s Central Business District, Wisma GKBI provides enviable access to some of the city’s finest establishments, from five-star hotels and restaurants to banks, a fitness center, embassies and the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Nestled amidst verdant greenery, the vibrant complex exudes a uniquely serene ambiance within the bustling business district. Perched on the 39th floor, CEO SUITE provides an esteemed address where even burgeoning startups can establish their presence in one of Jakarta's most sought-after office locales.

Book meeting spaces in Jakarta with Staytion

Exceptional meeting rooms are pivotal for fostering collaboration and driving progress, particularly in Jakarta's tech-centric environment. Offering a myriad of options citywide, Staytion delivers top-tier meeting spaces tailored to meet your business requirements.

Whether you seek a spacious setting for training sessions or a cozy spot for interviews, we're poised to assist you in discovering the ideal meeting venue in Jakarta. Reserve your meeting room today with Staytion!

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